The Series It’s our turn suddenly shut down

Darısı Başımıza

Darısı Başımıza

TV series It’s our turn with and makes the final on the 5th series. The only reason for the closure of the project was low ratings.

From the very beginning, something went wrong in the series. At first, there was a problem with the director, then they changed the scriptwriters. The ratings began to grow gradually and were quite acceptable for the summer. However, the channel decided to close the show quickly, that surprised everyone.

Moreover, the channel has announced its decision to the team of the series in the most offensive manner. During the lunch break on the set of the fifth series, they were called and told that the management of the TV channel Show TV removes the show from the air.

Thus, the creators urgently need to come up with something to finish the story more or less logically. Whether they will succeed, we will know next week.