Demet Özdemir & Seçkin Özdemir – a crisis of jealousy

Seçkin Özdemir and Demet Özdemir

Seçkin Özdemir and Demet Özdemir

According to one of the most famous tabloid in Turkey, Takvim, two lovebirds Demet Özdemir and Seçkin Özdemir recently experienced a small crisis.

As it turned out, Demet is quite jealous and often checks her lover’s phone, which makes him nervous. When Seçkin went to Russia to watch his favorite football, his beloved did not leave him alone for a minute. As a result, the patience burst and the couple quarreled.

However, common friends have managed to reconcile them, but for how long, given Demet’s jealous temper? But the other day lovers posted a new portion of their photos on the Internet, which clearly shows how happy they are.

So who is right – journalists or actors? How long will the happiness last in front of the cameras?

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