Miray Daner returns with a new series

Miray Daner who is preparing to return to the screens of Turkey with the series One liter of tears, seriously engaged in preparing for the role. She studies the disease, which her heroine Cihan will suffer to be on the screen as believable as possible. In addition, Miray has listened to the advice of her fans and is working hard on her body in the gym, throwing off excess weight. So in the near future, we will see a completely different image: Cihan will be a fan of basketball, which will unexpectedly face a terrible diagnosis on the day of her admission to the University. On this terrible day, she will be helped by Mahir, performed by Mert Yazicioglu, who will become for her a reliable friend and not only friend. By the way, as it turned out, Miray was offered the leading role in the series Early bird, however, the girl decided to choose a more serious project, rejecting the romantic comedy. As a result, the role went to Demet Özdemir


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