Boran Kuzum and Miray Daner in the new series Respect / Saygı

Boran Kuzum and Miray Daner in the new series Respect / Saygı

Boran Kuzum and in the new series Respect / Saygı

Fans of the duet Boran Kuzum and Miray Daner were looking forward to a new project of their favorite actors. However, even they did not imagine that this could happen so soon! We have great news for you: Boran and Miray are returning to the new series of the Blu TV Internet platform!

BluTV and Inter Medya television company have begun preparations for the new project Respect / Saygı that is a spin-off of the legendary Turkish TV show Behzat Ç. Recall that this year BluTV released a new season of the series, that is rightfully considered one of the best crime dramas in Turkish history. However, the bad news came: the leading actor of the project Erdal Beşikçioğlu refused to renew the contract and the producers had to abandon the idea of the new season.

However, a solution was found. As it turned out, Nejat İşler who played the role of Ercüment Çözer agreed to continue cooperation with the producers. As a result, the producers had the idea of ​​a spin-off starring Nejat. If Behzat Ç. was the story of a policeman who fights crime, then the Respect series is the story of the leader of a criminal group. He is trying to fight corruption in society by his own ways with his own notion of justice. At some point, his path will cross with two young people who pursue the same goal.

The management of BluTV decided to offer the young actors Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum work in the series. They gained fame not only in Turkey, but also far beyond its borders thanks to work in the TV series Wounded Love / Vatanim Sensin. Recall that in 2018 this couple won the prestigious vote for the best serial duet on the American site E! Entertainment Television. Fans of the young actors are looking forward to their return.

Filming of the project will begin early next year. In the same year, the series Respect will appear on the screens. However, we remind you that BluTV is a paid Internet platform that is available to Turkish viewers, as well as users in Germany and Austria through Prime. There is also the possibility that the series will be purchased by Netflix, that often buys BluTV projects, but this will not happen immediately.

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