Have Miray Daner and Oğulcan Engin broken up?

Miray Daner

Miray Daner

How reliable are the reports regarding Miray Daner’s breakup from her beloved Oğulcan Engin in the Turkish media? It seems that the tabloids deceived readers this time and published a simple fake.

The Turkish media revealed last week that Miray Daner and her beloved Oğulcan Engin were no longer together. It was claimed that messages Miray sent to her ex-boyfriend, a businessman, were the cause of the supposed breakup. She dated him for a bit, but they quickly realized they weren’t compatible, so they ended the relationship amicably. But, Oğulcan got envious since he couldn’t appreciate their friendship. He flew to Italy after being hurt by his sweetheart and has no plans to make peace.

A few days later, though, Miray and Oğulcan were spotted leaving a club in the Karaköy district. It became clear that the Turkish media had once again speculated. The young couple, according to renowned journalist Birsen Altuntaş, were surprised when they read about their breakup. Nonetheless, the tabloids do not let up and continue to claim that although the couple had argued, they have supposedly already reconciled.

Journalist from the Hurriyet publication, Mehmet Ustundag, who first published the rumor, officially apologized for the news and stated that he was misinformed. However, he did not disclose who provided him with false information or with what intentions.

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