Kubilay Aka: Goodbye Miray, Hello Hilal

Kubilay Aka: Goodbye Miray, Hello Hilal

Kubilay Aka: Goodbye Miray, Hello Hilal

Kubilay Aka and Miray Daner, who met on the set of the TV series Wounded Love / Vatanim Sensin, made their relationship public in the last year. However, as it turned out, young people were together for 2.5 years and many considered this young couple to be one of the sweetest and most trustworthy in Turkish show business. Alas, everything changed overnight.

Young people have decided to break up. This was reported by the actor himself, writing a touching post in which he said that they remained close friends. There can be no question of any betrayal, he continues to treat his former sweetheart with reverence and promises to support her always and in everything.

Note that the separation of the star couples in Turkey is not such a rarity, and although the news greatly upset the fans, it was rather calmly received by the public until the Turkish tabloids created a real sensation. As it turned out, all the wonderful words that Kubilay wrote to his beloved on Instagram, in every possible way emphasizing his love for her, were worthless. The reason for the break-up was the infidelity of a young man. And the paparazzi were able to make the photos of the actor and his new beloved in an incredibly embarrassing situation.

It is curious that the name of the new darling of the young star is Hilal Altinbilek. She is well-known to the viewers of her work in the series Bitter Lands / Bir zamanlar Çukurova.  A well-respected publication Hürriyet reports that at the beginning of the week Kubilay and Hilal  were spotted together in the Umut Evirgen’s club Gizli Kalsın, where they had fun all night. The photos where Kubilay rather unceremoniously puts his hand a little lower than the waist of a new sweetheart instantly spread through all the Turkish media. The couple left the club holding hands and not hiding their relationship.

Many journalists and fans express their disappointment with Kubilay’s behavior. They are ready to forgive him for the breakup, but infidelity has very badly damaged the reputation of the actor. Especially while he swore up and down of love for Miray. How relationships will develop with Hilal Altinbilek who is four years older than him is not known.

The Turkish press has already wondered how the actor will work on the set of his projects. On the one hand Mert Yazıcıoğlu  (the ex-boyfriend of his new beloved Hilal Altinbilek) is very friendly with Miray after the TV show “One liter of tears”, but he also works with Kubilay on the set of Netflix series Love 101. On the other hand, young Don Juan should return to the shooting of the series The Pit / Çukur where he will surely receive a “warm” welcome from Miray’s cousin Aras Bulut İynemli.

Recall that currently Kubilay Aka plays in Netflix series “Love 101”, that causes an increased interest in his person. How the scandal will affect the future of the actor is not yet known.

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