A new character could become a source of conflict in the series ‘Golden Boy’

Cemre Gümeli

Cemre Gümeli

The popular Turkish TV series “Golden Boy” has returned for its second season, and it is already making waves. The show, which was the most successful of last season, has opened its second season with a bang, topping the ratings in Turkey.

Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting each new episode, especially given that Binnur Kaya and Tarık Emir Tekin have joined the cast.

For Cemre Gümeli, who also joined the cast, “Golden Boy” is a turning point in her career. She plays Talih, a physiotherapist who is helping Ferit to recover from his injury. It seems that Talih could be a source of conflict in the story. Fans of the show, who are eagerly awaiting every detail, want to know as soon as possible what impact the new character will have on the plot.

For Cemre Gümeli, participating in “Golden Boy” is a huge opportunity. The actress, who began her career in 2016 with the series “Sweet Revenge”, achieved success in the role of Cansu in the series “Don’t Let Go of My Hand”. The role in “Golden Boy” is an opportunity for the actress to prove herself on the television screen after a series of setbacks.

For Cemre Gümeli, who has not been able to achieve the desired breakthroughs in her career in recent years, the role of Talih in “Golden Boy” is a chance to show herself. We will be following the development of Talih’s story in the series “Golden Boy”. How will Seyran, Ferit’s wife, react to the appearance of Talih?

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