Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan Koç: Divorce with Complications

Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç

Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç

The marriage of Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan Koç, which concluded with a quick divorce, continues to captivate the minds of Turkish journalists who report on a scandal between the former spouses arising from the actress’s jewelry.

According to renowned Turkish journalist Mehmet Ustundag, a jewelry conflict erupted between Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan Koç, whose marriage terminated in May. According to the journalist, Oguzhan did not follow divorce protocol, giving up only part of the wedding jewelry.

According to Turkish law, jewelry received as a wedding gift is considered the wife’s property. As a result, as part of the divorce settlement, Oguzhan Koç agreed to return all the jewelry to Demet Ozdemir.

According to the journalist’s sources, however, the singer only handed over a portion of the jewelry. The actress, who is allegedly distressed by the situation, expects Oguzhan to return all the valuable things.

The cause for Oguzhan Koç’s failure to meet his responsibilities is unknown. It’s also unknown when he’ll give his ex-wife the rest of the jewelry.

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