Sarp Levendoğlu in the new season of the TV series ‘Intelligence’

Sarp Levendoğlu

Sarp Levendoğlu

The Turkish series “Intelligence,” which achieved great success over three seasons, is making a comeback with a new season on October 22nd. This season promises viewers an entirely new storyline and a fresh cast.

One of the new additions to the series is actor Sarp Levendoğlu, who will be portraying the character Ibrahim Karahodja, a special forces officer. Ibrahim is a strong and self-assured individual always ready to risk his life to defend his country.

Sarp Levendoğlu is recognized for his roles in military-patriotic films and series, having appeared in projects like “Warrior” and “Alparslan: The Great Seljuk.”

Anticipations are high for the new season of “Intelligence,” expected to be even more captivating and dynamic than its predecessors. With a new cast and storyline, the season promises to offer viewers unforgettable impressions.

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