Is Çağlar Ertuğrul leaving the series Intelligence / Teşkilat?

Çağlar Ertuğrul

Çağlar Ertuğrul

The scandal at the Golden Butterfly award ceremony, in which Çağlar Ertuğrul was involved, led to very unpleasant consequences. The actor can leave the cast of the series Intelligence / Teşkilat. What happened?

This year, at The Golden Butterfly award ceremony, there was a scandal involving Çağlar Ertuğrul. However, as it turned out, his bad joke was not at all the reason for such a fierce attack on the actor in the media controlled by the Turkish state.

The actor’s fans understood the reason a little later, when Hilal Kaplan, a journalist for the Sabah publication and a member of the board of directors of the state TV channel TRT1, wrote an article criticizing the behavior of Çağlar Ertuğrul at the ceremony. The main thing that angered the journalist was the position of the actor, who allows himself to criticize the current government, but at the same time agrees to play the main role in a series aired on a state TV channel. In his speech at the awards ceremony, he says that “we” are being discriminated against. When you play the main role in the TV series of the state channel, what kind of discrimination are you talking about? If Çağlar is so ashamed that the state is run by such people, then let him conform to his convictions and sell buns and live with dignity. Although she wishes a good party for him after the ceremony…

It seems that people close to the authorities have a favorite slogan, “I am the State”. We would like to remind the lady that the Turkish Republic is not the family seat of her party, and the State channel belongs to Turkish citizens, one of whom is Çağlar Ertuğrul.

However, now the strange reaction of the state channel, which did not congratulate the leading star on the award, became clear. Also, the official accounts on social networks of the series Intelligence / Teşkilat and the production company TIMS & B were silent. Of course, Çağlar Ertuğrul will not be fired from the show in the middle of the TV season. Although the scenes with his participation have already been cut. But next season, the producers may well come to an agreement with another actor, more loyal to the authorities, who will become the star of the project.

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