Barış Arduç shared what it means to be a father

Barış Arduç

Barış Arduç

Renowned for her powerful voice and unique style, singer Merve Özbey recently performed on the stage of “Muamma” in Ataşehir. Among those who came to support her were Barış Kılıç, Barış Arduç, and Çetin Altay. Barış Arduç, giving an interview before the concert, noted that he came to support his friend and wish her success.

Responding to a question about the first birthday of his daughter Jan Asya, which the Arduç-Özay couple celebrated last week, the actor remarked, “Fatherhood brings joy. Every day is a discovery of new traits in my daughter for me. I’m in a great mood.”

When asked about the criteria for choosing roles, Barış admitted, “I am ready to take on any roles that the script demands. I am an actor and will remain true to my style and profession.”

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