Demet Ozdemir about work, personal life and Can Yaman

Demet Ozdemir gave her first interview in Italy, where her series “The Daydreamer” is successfully shown. What did the star say about work and personal life, as well as about her relationship with her co-star, Can Yaman?

On Saturday, October 17, Italian viewers watched an exclusive interview by Demet Özdemir, which she gave to Verissimo presenter Silvia Toffanin. The show attracted 2.5 million viewers, a record for the program’s existence.

In an interview, Demet admitted that her family dreamed of seeing her as a lawyer. However, the parents did not put pressure on the girl, allowing her to choose her own path in life. And now they do not regret that instead of a lawyer, an actress appeared in the family.

Of course, the relationship with was at the center of the interview. Demet answered the questions of the presenter honestly, but diplomatically. She stated that during the filming of the series The Daydreamer, they had a very good relationship, they went their way together. Demet hopes that Can’s journey will be just as successful. The Daydreamer is a work to be proud of.

She and Can are friends, but they cannot see each other as often as they used to, as they now have different projects. Of course, Can is a person of value to her. Every person she meets in this life becomes valuable to her.

Demet is currently working on the TV show that is completely different from The Daydreamer. This is a real, living story of a woman who has to fight and try to stay on her feet, a drama. This story found a lively response in her soul. She was also very happy to try something completely different, to play a dramatic role.

As for her personal life, now she is alone. When she falls in love, she cannot hide her joy from this feeling and does not conceal it. Now there is no one in her life. But she is quite a happy person. She is full of energy and work brings her happiness, although sometimes it gets tired.

Work on the new series of Demet Ozdemir continues, but fans are already dreaming of new TV shows by the actress, possibly on digital platforms.

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