300 roses for the sweetheart from Seçkin Özdemir

Seçkin Özdemir and Demet Özdemir

Seçkin Özdemir and Demet Özdemir

In recent days, the Turkish press has been intensively discussing Demet Özdemir who plays the leading role in the series Early bird. Journalists have found an old video in which the actress worked as a backup dancer of a well-known singer. Note that Demet never concealed her dancing past. Moreover, the dance itself looks rather chaste. However, from a completely innocent thing, the journalists managed to create a huge sensation, which hurt the actress very much. To somehow smooth out the unpleasant feeling of what is happening, her beloved Seçkin Özdemir sent his dear lady to the set of the series Early bird the 300 roses, once again showing how strong is his love and respect for his chosen one. Recall that Demet and Seçkin decided to live together, making another step towards family life


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