TV series The Protector – interest grows

TV series The Protector

TV series

For 10 days on the official account of the Turkish Netflix in YouTube, the trailer of The Protector series was watched by 2 million people. The figure is all the more impressive when you consider that fragments of other TV shows gained a couple of thousand views and only the information about joining to the Netflix team caused some interest (32 thousand views). Over the same period, the trailer was viewed by 1 million viewers on the English-language account, and 1 million by the account of on Instagram. In addition, the trailer is published in various social networks (Çağatay himself retweeted various posts as many as three times, for a total of three reposts viewed 800 thousand viewers). However, of course, the main part of the views remains hidden from the eyes – the trailer is laid out on Netflix itself, whose number of viewers is about half a billion people. Alas, Netflix does not publish this information, but apparently, the company’s managers were fully satisfied by the result and decided to do a full dubbing in English (recall that usually dubbing is not used in English-speaking countries).

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