Netflix extended the series The Protector for two seasons at once

Three weeks of screening of the series The Protector on Netflix streaming platform showed impressive results. The project became one of the most watched TV shows in the world in December and January, which so impressed the company’s management that it decided to extend the series not for one, but for two seasons at once, which will be filmed simultaneously.

Some details of the new seasons are already known. The performer of the role of Leyla Ayça Ayşin Turan will not be part of the show. Looks like her character will die in the second season, due out this year. Over the two seasons will create the same company that worked on the first two ones – O3 Medya. Also, this company will produce the series with the participation of Beren Saat.

The Protector

The Protector

In the near future, it will be announced who will be the director of the series and what will be the new cast of the project. This means that the casting has already been held and the main female character is known. Recall that Netflix holds a fairly hard casting for all the roles in the series, with the exception of Çağatay Ulusoy, for whom the project was created, so it’s impossible to predict who will be his partner. Only one thing is clear – the girl will be beautiful and very talented. Whether the remains in the cast is still unknown, but all the hints indicate that the character Zeynep will continue to be on the show.

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