The Protector – PR company kicked off

Ayça Ayşin Turan

Ayça Ayşin Turan

The first Turkish-American series of the Netflix will be released in late September – early October this year. It seems from August 1, PR managers of the Netflix started a massive advertising campaign for the project.

To begin with, they threw the best half of the cast into battle. On Tuesday Ayça Aysin Turan was “caught” by journalists in one of the shopping centers of Istanbul. The actress admitted that she is very excited about the upcoming premiere of the series, which will be released simultaneously all over the world. As you know, these “random” meetings in shopping centers are not accidental. They pre-negotiate with journalists.

On Wednesday, joined The Protector’s advertising company. She was doing live coverage on Instagram with a photo shoot for magazine Elle Turkiye.

Of course, the main intrigue of a PR company is when the leading actor of the series – – joins it. This should happen quickly enough because in mid-August Çağatay should leave Turkey and go to Los Angeles.

The most interesting thing is just beginning …

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