Burak Özçivit presented the project of a residential complex

On February 15, the first large-scale presentation of the Olmazor City project was held in Tashkent and a 3D layout of the residential complex was presented. All guests and project members were satisfied. In turn, the spokesmodel of this project Burak Özçivit stressed that what he advertises is always important to him. Considering the proposals, he became interested in this particular project, since this residential complex will be the largest and most prestigious project, the best specialists of the republic are involved in the project, and the Turkish actor is sure that all residents will receive their keys in due time and will be completely satisfied with their accommodation.

As for the exact amount of the contract, it was reported that the owners of the “Olmazor” company paid $ 400,000 to Burak Özçivit for advertising their residential complex.

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