Hazar Ergüçlü became a producer

Hazar Ergüçlü, who gained fame on the international market after the release of the film Wild Pear / Ahlat Ağacı and the TV series on the Netflix Internet platform, in her last interview stated that she was not going to be limited only to her acting career, but also to try herself as a producer.

The actress will finance the new film of Emre Erdoğdu, with whom she worked together in the movie Snow / Kar. Hazar admitted that she didn’t want Emre to “bend over” before the financial demands of the big production companies. Finding money for an independent film in Turkey is very difficult, so she will help a friend.

Speaking of friends, in an interview Hazar also admitted that working with Çağatay Ulusoy on the TV series The Protector was extremely easy and pleasant for her, as they are old friends, and working with a friend is always very comfortable.

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