The revolt of the viewers of the series Sen Anlat Karadeniz

The creators of the series “Lifeline” / “Sen Anlat Karadeniz” caused a lot of criticism after they introduced a new character into the plot: Hazan, performed by actress Gülper Ozdemir. In order to conform to her image, she underwent special training, learning to ride a horse. In the credits, the name of the actress is already coming along with the leading actors in the series and İrem Helvacıoğlu.

According to the latest unofficial information, producer Osman Sinav and the ATV channel intend to renew the series for the third season. However, they could not agree with İrem, who became a victim of the channel’s policy, so they decided to introduce a new love for Tahir, “killing the old one” according to the tradition. This caused a huge wave of outrage in social networks, Neftag fans brought the hashtag “This is not a story about a love triangle” to the top of the Turkish twitter, ahead of the official hashtag of the series.

They also urge to abandon viewing of the show in the hope of “dropping” the ratings so that the producers abandoned the idea of ​​the third season. The AB category (that is, the well-to-do and educated public) no longer watch the series, its rating drops lower with each episode, but the total (ordinary viewers) is not yet aware of what “gift” the creators have prepared for them. What happens next, whether the audience will be able to convince the management of the TV channel to abandon the crazy idea, or we are still waiting for the third season, we will know very soon.

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