Serenay Sarikaya and Kerem Bürsin split up

Serenay Sarikaya and Kerem Bürsin

Serenay Sarikaya and

Today, all Turkish media inform its readers that the celebrity couple Serenay Sarikaya and decided to break up. Recall that the actors began dating after joint work in advertising MAVI in 2015 and for a long time they were considered as one of the strongest couples in the Turkish show business. Quite often there was information in the press about jealousy crises of Kerem, who allegedly was jealous of his beloved for the former boyfriend, Çağatay Ulusoy, however, this information was disproved by those concerned.

A serious quarrel between lovers happened after Kerem, according to the Turkish media, proposed to Serenay. The young woman accepted the proposal on the condition that they sign a marriage contract so that in the case of a divorce they do not have to divide the property. As you know, Serenay is much more financially successful and she wanted to insure herself. However, Kerem took this condition as an insult and the couple strongly quarreled, although later they refuted this information.

However, immediately after the end of the series Gorgeous Deuce / Muhteşem İkili, the actor went to the USA and did not return home even when Serenay was hospitalized with nervous exhaustion, that alerted the couple’s fans.

Mr. Bürsin’s return from America was quiet, the beloved never once appeared together, ignoring each other’s official events, including the presentation of H & M with Kerem Bürsin as spokesmodel of the brand. True, Kerem himself claimed that everything was in order and he had no problems with Serenay.

And here is the new information from the hosts of the program 2 Page / 2. Sayfa: the young man packed his things and left the house in which they lived with Serenay. According to preliminary information, the reason for separation is banal: feelings have died away, nothing more holds them together. Agents of actors confirmed this information. Serenay Sarikaya, who appeared at the Procter & Gamble event this morning, did not deny the news of the breakup but said that now is not the time or place to discuss it, she will talk to reporters later. Thus, the fact of break up became a sad reality for the fans.

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