The scandal in the finale of the series Our Story / Bizim Hikaye

Our Story / Bizim Hikaye

Our Story / Bizim Hikaye

On Thursday evening, the last 70th episode of the series Our Story / Bizim Hikaye (a remake of the popular American project Shameless) aired.

The series lasted two seasons in the face of fierce competition with such projects as Bitter Lands / Bir zamanlar Çukurova, Courtyard / Avlu and Crash / Çarpışma. Average rating of the project is 6.22%, the average number of viewers is 5 million 100 thousand in the premiere, that makes it a strong hit. For comparison, the Kara Sevda / Endless Love series has an average of 4 million 930 thousand viewers (6.10%), Cesur ve guzel / Brave and beautiful – 4 million 160 thousand viewers (5.15%), Medcezir / Tide – 5 million 210 thousand viewers (6.62%).

Our Story / Bizim Hikaye is included in a few Turkish TV shows, which have more than 2 million subscribers to YouTube, and also successfully sold abroad. Given the great interest in the project in Latin America, where the star of the series Hazal Kaya is especially popular, the producer Fatih Aksoy has pleased the audience with a very nice ending, presenting two kids to the main characters, that will surely please the family audience around the world.

The performer of the main role, Filiz Elibol Hazal Kaya, warmly said goodbye to the series, has written that she was very happy to share the stage with the actors she respected, as well as young friends with a big heart. For two years she went through very difficult trials (recall that Hazal’s mother became seriously ill), and the greatest joys in her life also happened (she got married and was preparing to become a mother). For her, this project will always be special. They did the work without fear of response and did what they do best. Hazal thanked Our Story for what she gave to her.

Of course, the Turkish press did not ignore the final, setting up a storm in a teacup. Paparazzi drew attention to the fact that neither Burak Deniz nor Hazal Kaya posted photos of each other and did not say goodbye to each other on Instagram. It was immediately concluded that the actors do not get along. Note that there is no tradition to say goodbye to partners on Instagram in Turkey. This is the exception rather than the rule. Usually, they say goodbye to their characters and don’t mention partners. Therefore, the conclusion of journalists looks extremely unprofessional and ridiculous. In the end, Hazal and Burak could well say goodbye personally at the farewell party of the project, as is customary with colleagues.

By the way, the last two days Burak actively likes photos from the series on fan pages, and most of the photos are images of his partner. In addition, Hazal is pregnant and it is unlikely that Burak could afford even the slightest rudeness towards a pregnant woman, so the conclusion of the Turkish press clearly created out of thin air.

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