The series Resurrection Ertugrul made the final: what next?

Resurrection Ertugrul

Resurrection Ertugrul

On Wednesday, May 29, the most popular Turkish television series of the last five years, Resurrection Ertugrul / Diriliş Ertuğrul, put a final point in the story of Ertuğrul Bey and his warriors, beautifully completing the story in whose success nobody believed at first.

It is symbolic that the project made the final on the day of the conquest of Constantinople, that the descendant of Ertuğrul Bey turned into the capital of the Ottoman Empire Istanbul. The final was correct and optimistic. Although viewers already knew that they were saying goodbye to their beloved hero, the creators chose not to show his death. On the contrary, the heroes left to fight, leaving the camp in reliable young hands. The prayer in the final scene made it clear that Ertugrul Bey will not return again.

However, hope remained and this is perhaps the most correct decision of the producer of the series Mehmet Bozdağ, who, by the way, himself appeared in the final episode along with his young son. After the final of the series, the producer warmly thanked the film crew of the project, as well as personally President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who supported the series and made it possible to create a real legend. In turn, the leading actor warmly said goodbye to the audience, promising them a meeting in new projects.

Also, the company Tekden Film immediately chose to officially announce that the series Resurrection Ertugrul / Diriliş Ertuğrul completed. In the autumn of this year, the new series / Diriliş Osman will be on the air. The leading role in this series will be played by . As it became known, the actor signed a contract to work in the five seasons of the project, so we are waiting for a new exciting story of the creator of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Gazi.

Resurrection Ertugrul / Diriliş Ertuğrul will remain in the memory of the Turkish audience as one of the most legendary television projects in Turkey. But not only in Turkey. At the moment, the series is watched not only in the Islamic world, but it is very popular in English-speaking countries. We remind you that Netflix bought the rights to the broadcast of Ertugrul and the series enjoys great success on the platform in the US and the UK. The foreign critics compared the success of the series with the famous Game of Thrones.

Will Resurrection Osman / Diriliş Osman repeat the success of his predecessor and whether Burak Özçivit will be able to become a worthy successor to Engin Altan Düzyatan we will see this fall. Work on the new series has already started, filming began last week.

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