Has Kara Sevda / Amor Eterno set a record in the USA?

Kara Sevda / Amor Eterno

Kara Sevda / Amor Eterno

The Turkish media informed that the series Kara Sevda / Amor Eterno that  began broadcasting in the United States on the Univision television channel, broke all rating records, showing a result of 18% in the 18-49 category and in the 18-34 category the rating was even higher – 70%.

We can not verify this information in independent sources. Ratings are issued only for serials in prime time, starting at 20:00 and Kara Sevda / Amor Eterno does not fall into this temporary plug. Given that the Turkish press is lying like it breathes, we can assume that Kara Sevda / Amor Eterno was the leader of its time on the TV channel compared to other Spanish-language channels of the country, but about the records… this is another story.

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