The future of the Turkish TV

Turkish TV

Turkish TV

In the next five years, analysts predict a sharp increase in the number of digital platforms (according to forecasts of 5-6 major players in the market) and the transfer of TV shows to Internet platforms. This will entail very serious changes in the entire television market.

Television channels that survive through serial production will be among the losers: the redistribution of advertising flows and the departure of major television companies will entail the closure of some television channels.

Television producers will become contractors  who create products for the platforms rather than content owners. The number of serials produced will increase dramatically, but their length will be reduced to 40-60 minutes. The value of “star names” who will become the faces of the platforms will increase.

Surviving TV channels are reoriented to the tastes of the “native audience”, creating TV series mainly for domestic consumption. For Internet platforms, the influence of foreign capital (not only Western but also Eastern, in particular Arab investors) will be decisive.

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