Are Kaan Yildirim and Demet Ozdemir just friends?

 Kaan Yildirim and Demet Ozdemir

Kaan Yildirim and

For a long time, Turkish media claimed that Demet Ozdemir and her partner on the TV series Early Bird / Erkençi Kus had an affair despite the fact that the actors themselves refuted any romantic relationship. However, after finishing work on the project Сan went to Italy and Demet with her friends went to Bodrum, where journalists immediately “found” a new love for her. So, who is the new love interest of the actress this time according to Turkish tabloids?

According to Turkish journalists, Kaan Yıldırım who had just divorced his wife and Demet Ozdemir had a romantic relationship and that’s why they went on vacation together. It is curious that Kaan is a great friend of Seçkin Ozdemir who is happened to be the former boyfriend of Demet.

Journalists staged a real hunt for alleged lovers. As it turned out Demet lives in a separate rented house. But Kaan who stopped nearby often visits her late at night and even checks to see if he is being watched.

The paparazzi took a photo of a couple who talked until morning. Kaan as a true gentleman even offered Demet plaid. Romantic hand kiss of the young man allegedly hinted that they were not only friends as previously stated.

However, the actors themselves categorically refute this information. Both Kaan and Demet posted a statement on Instagram. Once again, they assured their fans and journalists that there was nothing between them and never had been, they were just friends who had a vacation in the same company and nothing more.

Moreover, according to the information of the program 2nd Page / 2 Sayfa there is no romance between Demet and Kaan since Kaan is trying hard to reconcile Demet and his best friend Seçkin Ozdemir. It seems that this time the famous Turkish media which have a nose for celebrity affairs may be confused.

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