Çağatay Ulusoy: 2 million for dinner

He is one of the most popular Turkish actors in the world. Thousands of fans dream of having dinner with him. But will Çağatay Ulusoy accept a tempting offer worth 2 million lira?

According to Gel Konusalım program, Çağatay Ulusoy received a record offer from Arab sponsors who last year hosted Burak Özçivit’s dinner for Valentine’s Day on February 14 in Kuwait. Note that this is a very common practice for show business. The organizers set up the sale of tickets among the fans of the actor and invite the most popular stars who meet with fans. The most expensive tickets are sold after the Oscars in Hollywood, when a grand gala dinner is organized in honor of the winners, which you can get into by paying a very substantial sum.

However, the Arab organizers are not far behind their American counterparts. Following Burak Özçivit they made an offer to Çağatay Ulusoy worth 2 million lira (351 thousand US dollars). After the release of the series  The Protector Çağatay significantly expanded its fan base in the Middle East, so the announced amount is not astounding. The decision of the actor is not yet known. If he does not agree, then they plan to make a similar proposal to .

For Turkish stars, the practice of dinner parties is not new. For example, Serenay Sarikaya during the filming of the TV series “Medcezir” received 60 thousand lira for visiting “special evenings” (about 2 hours of her time). Recall that a week the actress earned 40 thousand lira in TV show. The average cost of a dinner with a star is 30-40 thousand lira. However, given the negativity caused by the participation of Burak Özçivit at the event last year and how it was reported in the press, perhaps the proposal of the Arab sponsors will not cause enthusiasm for Çağatay and Kıvanç.

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Who will go to Kuwait this year? Çağatay? Kıvanç? Or maybe it will be Can Yaman?

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