Can Yaman will drastically change his look

We are used to seeing with a beard and long hair. But soon the actor will completely change his image. For what? And when will this happen?

Can Yaman, in a short press interview on the eve of his departure for Europe, said that in the very near future he would say goodbye to the image his fans were so used to. A beard and hair are part of his old character Can Divit but the actor himself is not attached to them and for a new role can easily change his appearance, even shave his head. Besides, in January he will join the army where he will be obliged to have a short haircut as required by the military charter, so that he will say goodbye to the previous style at the beginning of next year. After returning from the army, where he will stay for 21 days, he is waiting for work first in the film based on the script of Birol Guven, and then the series of the Gold Film company.

In the meantime, fans are enjoying his old look. On Friday, October 11, the actor flew to Italy, where he will take part in one of the Italian talk shows, meet with fans at a party and shoot for the cover of Hello magazine. At Rome Airport, his loyal fans greeted Can with great enthusiasm. The Italian police hardly led the actor away from the crowd of fans.

And you can already see the posters with an invitation to a meeting with Can Yaman on October 16 in Cannes. The distributor Global Agency promotes in this way the previous works of Can – the romantic comedies Bitter Sweet and the Early Bird, and presents to customers his new series, work on which will begin in March.

Will the new series of Can Yaman be as popular as the Early Bird? Who will become his co-star? When will we see his new project? We will try to give you answers to all these questions in the near future.

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