Çağlar Ertuğrul VS Can Yaman

Çağlar Ertuğrul VS Can Yaman

Çağlar Ertuğrul VS Can Yaman

They are the heroes of romantic comedies that win the hearts of the audience. They are actors who have a lot of fans. But they are also persons who criticize each other. Why did Çağlar Ertuğrul not like the latest interview of Can Yaman?

In a recent interview for the Hürriyet publication Çağlar Ertuğrul admitted that he had not heard Can Yaman’s statement about his pair with Demet Ozdemir, and found out about it only from a journalist. We remind you that the hero of the series “Erkenci Kuş / The Daydreamer” considers their couple the most harmonious of all that have ever appeared on the screen. However, according to Çağlar, this is too bold a statement. Of course, viewers are very fond of this series and a couple, they have their own audience. Can even went to Europe, where he caused a sensation. But do not forget that in Turkey there are such legends as Bihter and Behlül or Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel.

Thus, the protagonist of the series “Love for show / Afilli Aşk” made it clear that Can was too quick to make conclusions about the most outstanding couple in history. In turn, Çağlar’s partner in a romantic comedy, Burcu Ozberk, admitted that she also considers them to be harmonious and suitable for each other, but she won’t shout that they are the best.

Turkish users of social networks were divided into two groups. The first one supports Çağlar, claiming that the series “Erkenci Kuş / The Daydreamer” was average and did not become the legend of the Turkish screen, so calling the Can-Demet couple “the most harmonious in history” is simply indecent. Others believe that actors should not criticize each other’s statements, only viewers and journalists can do this, so Çağlar clearly crossed the lines.

In the meantime, Çağlar and Burcu continue to enjoy the success of their series “Love for show / Afilli Aşk” that is going well in Turkey, although it is losing ground due to the appearance of new competitors on the air. In turn, Can Yaman will begin work on the TV channel Star TV series Life Debt / Can Borcu in March. The script for the show is written by Toprak Karaoğlu, who previously worked on the TV series “Insider / Içerde” and “The 8th day / 8 Gun”. It will be a story of love, adventure and action, that will take place in the Middle East and Istanbul.

As always, the fate of the actors will be decided by the ordinary spectator, who will or will not watch their projects. And we can only follow the development of events.

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