Does Çağatay Ulusoy dream of buying a yacht?

Hosts of the Söylemezsem Olmaz show discuss the astronomical reward that Çağatay Ulusoy offered for dinner in the company of Arab women. And they are sure that Çağatay will accept the offer, because he wants to buy a yacht.

The host described this yacht  with such enthusiasm  as if she had already visited it. And she knows for sure that in the meantime, Çağatay only rents yachts.

It seems that the ladies completely forgot their own news that two years ago Çağatay bought a yacht through his friend , who negotiated a substantial discount (by the way, it is called Liberty) and even somehow tried to sell it after the journalists photographed him on it along with . The only truthful information that the ladies gave at the end is that Çağatay and Duygu still live together in Zekeriyaköy. Well, at least they didn’t lie here.

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