Turkish companies make TV shows in Latin America

Turkish companies make TV shows in Latin America

Turkish companies make TV shows in Latin America

Turkish series enjoy great love in Latin America. Now, Turkish producers decided to go even further and make remakes of popular shows with Latin American actors. What awaits us?

The television company Madd Entertainment, which is a joint production of Ay Yapim and Medyapim companies, announced that the script for the first season of the remake of the Internet series Personality / Şahsiyet for the Mexican market has been completed.

The company has also agreed with actors who will play the main roles in the Mexican version, that will be announced separately. The series that will be released under the title of Forgetful Killer / El asesino del olvido, will consist of 10 episodes (there were 12 in the Turkish version). Filming will begin next spring. The director of the Mexican version is supposed to be Onur Saylak, who worked on the Turkish series. He has already met with Ludwika Palleta, who is likely to become the leading lady of the new show.

It was also announced that preparations for the remake of the 20 minutes / 20 Dakika series for the Chilean market are ongoing. The series will be released on Mega TV channel and it will consist of 60 episodes. Filming will begin in late spring. Preparations are underway for two new joint projects. These will also be remakes of popular Turkish TV shows.

Recall also that from now on, Hispanic viewers in the United States have access to the Turkish television channel D, which broadcasts in the Comcast package. The channel broadcasts such popular shows as Fatmagul, Hulya, Daughters of Gunes, Kuzey Guney and Waiting for the Sun.

Whether the new venture of Turkish producers will be successful and whether the series of co-production will be popular time will show. We are following the development of events.

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