Can Yaman spoke of his dream girl

In his latest interview, honestly spoke of the qualities that his future wife should have. And they turned out to be quite simple.

Can Yaman traveled to Italy to shoot for Hello magazine. He also gave an interview to an Italian talk show, admitted that now his heart is free. In general, he still did not succeed in falling in love. Only in the series did his heroes passionately love their chosen ones. For Can, it is normal that the actors feel sympathy for each other and fall in love on the set, because they try to understand their characters.

At the same time, Can gave five positive qualities that woman of his dreams should have:

  1. Caring and compassion.
  2. A sense of humor and friendliness. However, she must always remain a real lady.
  3. Warmth and liveliness of character.
  4. It is very important how she talks, how she smells, what kind of aura is around her, what energy she carries, the tone of her voice.
  5. A man should want to be better with her.

And here are five qualities that a woman should not have:

  1. Too experienced and mature person.
  2. Not knowing how to behave, using rude men’s turns of speech, shouting.
  3. Mysterious, fleeing.
  4. Dull facial expression.
  5. Those who are trying to change him. He will not concede.

So, if it seems to you that you fit the description of the woman of his dreams, you can try your chance. After all, Can is very friendly and enjoys talking with fans.

What do you think of the criteria of the actor? Do you agree with them? Leave your comments under this video and do not forget to subscribe to our channel!

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