The Ottoman / Kuruluş Osman: the biggest Turkish series ever

This series is eagerly awaited by fans around the world. Unprecedented resources have been invested in it. This show can be a real breakthrough for Turkish producers. Meet The Ottoman / Kuruluş Osman!

The Resurrection Ertuğrul series has attracted millions of viewers worldwide. On Wednesday, November 20, fans will see the sequel of an exciting story. This time it will be dedicated to the son of Ertuğrul Bey, the founder of the Great Ottoman Empire, Osman Gazi. It is expected that the series can become one of the leading projects not only in Turkey, but also abroad. The quality of production, a magnificent plateau, historical costumes, an experienced film crew may well compete with the Hollywood production.

As it became known, the producer was very attentive to the creation of a real team spirit using professional team building techniques. For 9 months, the actors of the show together mastered the art of riding, fencing, hand-to-hand combat and choreography. For weeks, the actors were receiving military training in the mountains and forests, built temporary shelters in the mountains, together found water and prepared food. Preparation did not end even at night.

The training of actors was monitored by experienced retired Turkish special forces officers, under whose guidance real military exercises were organized. All participants were divided into two groups that fought each other. One of the groups, led by Burak Özçivit, infiltrated enemy territory, ambushed and captured the enemy headquarters. The exercises were completed with the archery competition. It was also won by the team of the leading actor of the series. Of course, besides of physical training, the actors listened to a theoretical course on the historical and social life of that period, which was prepared by historians.

103 tents that will be used in the filming of the series were made in Turkmenistan. 150 craftsmen from the city of Merv used willow, as its strong and light branches are optimal for creating wooden frames. The fabric on the tents was made from goat and sheep wool using ancient looms. When attaching structures, camel leather was used. There will be handmade carpets in the tents. They were also made in Turkmenistan specifically for the project.

Five nomad camps were rebuilt on Bozdağ Film’s plateau. Besides of the main camp of the Kayi tribe, viewers will see four more, which will become the basis of the united Turkish state. Moreover, four cities were created: mansions, bazaars, shops, houses, squares, mosques, all life-size. An artificial lake 800 meters wide and 1.60 meters deep was made.

In total, 40 leading actors and 400 supporting actors will be involved in the series. All of them received training of combat choreography with professional stuntmen and former special forces officers. 5 thousand extras were participated in the first episode of The Ottoman. The film crew consists of 350 persons, and another 50 persons are engaged in animation and special effects. The show will also feature 70 horses for which a horse farm was created on the plateau. Also, sheep, goats, nightingales, partridges, snakes, mice and even scorpions will be engaged in the filming. There is always a veterinarian on the set who monitors the health of animals.

We look forward to seeing the most ambitious series of recent years on Wednesday, November 20.

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