The most beautiful Turkish actors of 2019

Although fans, of course, consider their favorite stars to be the greatest, they are cautiously awaiting the announcement of the results of the outgoing year. So, who is this time recognized as the most beautiful actress and the most handsome actor in Turkey according to independent international experts?

The end of the year is the time for summing up and announcing the results. By tradition, the prestigious Tc Candler list for the New Year holidays releases a new rating of the most beautiful people on the planet, that is then quoted by leading news publications, including CNN, BBC, Forbes, etc. Fashion designers, glossy editors, casting agents and other players of the entertainment industry from around the world are the members of jury.

Many users of social networks naively believe that the more they liked the photos of their favorite actors, the higher they will be on the list. However, it is not. During the final selection of winners, the jury members are guided only by their ideas about beauty and do not focus on the opinion of social networks.

The list is so popular that even fake accounts appear that pretend to be a real Candler. It is noteworthy that this year a small fake account was the first to publish its own list of the most beautiful people on the planet, and many publications took it for real. It is noteworthy that numerous representatives of the Turkish show business got into it. But things are much more modest with the real Tc Candler list. Only six Turkish stars got into it, and two of them appeared on the list for the first time.

And these two starred in one of the most popular romantic comedies of this year The Daydreamer / Erkençi Kus. Demet Ozdemir is on the 94th place in the list of the most beautiful women on the planet, while is on the 76th place of the most handsome men.

Four other representatives of Turkey are not newcomers. On the 37th place is Barış Arduç and this is his third time on the list. In 2017, he took 15th place. Ozgu Kaya is in 32nd position. this time are on the 31st place. Recall that a year ago he was in 23rd position and this is the third time that he is on the prestigious list. The most beautiful representative of Turkey is who are on the 21st place. Note that in 2018 the girl was in 7th position.

What next year prepares for us?  Which Turkish stars will be on the prestigious list in 2020? Who will lose their position? We will find out about this in the coming year.

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