Netflix continues to grow rapidly

Despite sharply increased competition, announced an increase in the number of platform subscribers to 167 million. Moreover, the subscription rate in the last trimester of 2019 increased by 20% compared with the same period of the year before. In the US, the number of subscribers increased by 430 thousand, while abroad it grew by 8 million 300 thousand. The fastest growing regions are Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which added 3 million 130 thousand new members (recall that in Turkey the number of subscribers has increased to 1.5 million).

Specifically, this means that the company will reorient the production of its programs to please the new subscribers. This year, it is planned to spend $17 billion on original shows. Netflix management points out that 2019 was the year that the viewer finally adopted digital platforms as one of the leading means of delivering television content and changing the audience’s orientation from traditional television to Internet broadcasting.

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