Did Engin Akyürek fall in love with his co-star?

Did Engin Akyürek fall in love with his co-star?

Did fall in love with his co-star?

Engin Akyürek is the most private star of the Turkish screen. We know almost nothing about his personal life. However, it is possible that his heart was touched by a love for his co-star in the series “Ambassador’s Daughter”.

The series Ambassador’s Daughter / Sefirin Kizi, that is broadcast on Star TV in the evenings on Monday, was highly praised by viewers and won first place in the ratings. An excellent film crew of the show, a well-chosen cast and exciting scenes bring producers new success with the Turkish audience every week.

At the center of the story is the love of the characters of Engin Akyürek and . However, according to the respected publication Hürriyet, in real life, the actor’s heart is given to Tulin Yazkan, who plays his wife on the screen. Engin Akyürek is known as one of the most private Turkish actors, and information about his relationships is rarely become known to the press, however, according to journalists, this time everything is serious and the actor even appeared in public hand in hand with his sweetheart that, according to Turkish tradition, means official recognition of their relationship.

Tulin Yazkan is 28 years old, this is her fourth project and the first big role.  She appeared only in flashbacks in the show “Stiletto Vendetta”, as she played one of the main characters in her youth. Now the girl is on the front pages of all the tabloids, television and radio programs, and social networks.

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How will relations between the superstar of the Turkish screen and his new darling develop? Will Tulin be able to accomplish the impossible and yet turn Engin into a married man? We will find out about all this very soon.

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