Serenay Sarikaya recognized relationship with Cem Yilmaz

Serenay Sarikaya and Cem Yilmaz

Serenay Sarikaya and

Serenay Sarikaya finally confessed to having an affair with Cem Yilmaz. And then she received a subpoena. What happened?

For months, the Turkish press romantically linked Serenay Sarikaya and Cem Yilmaz, and for months the actors either remained silent or denied a romantic relationship. However, after a trip to Athens and photographs taken by the paparazzi, it became impossible to deny what was happening. The lovers finally decided to declare their relationship.

Serenay Sarikaya who was spotted at Istanbul Airport upon returning from Athens, confirmed her new love. “What can I say, everything is as you see,” the actress admitted. They returned separately, as Cem had a job. Following her, Cem Yilmaz, who was present at the launch of a new advertising company, said that his life was wonderful and that his vacation in Athens went great. One of the reporters asked Cem: “On the program of Ibrahim Selim, you said that Jennifer Lawrence is very young for you. But Jennifer is younger than Serenay for only one year.” To which Cem maliciously remarked: “Are you the head of the registry office?”

However, most of all, the hosts of the program I can not remain silent / Söylemezsem Olmaz were pleased with the actress’s confirmation. Recall that last fall Serenay Sarikaya sued them, accusing of defamation. Recall that Ece Erken and Bircan Bali claimed that the actress was in love with and the lovers did not leave home for 96 hours. In a statement to the court, the lawyer of Serenay claimed that his client had nothing to do with Cem Yılmaz and was not the reason for his break up from Defne Samyeli, and he claimed 100,000 lira for moral damages. Serenay herself made a statement, threatening the deceitful press to “meet in court.”

Now the press, that, as it turned out, was telling the truth, filed a counterclaim with the court, citing the revelation of the actress. The hosts of the program indicate that they were called liars, but they did not lie. Ece Erken stated: “Serenay, you sued us, didn’t you call us liars? But it turned out that we didn’t lie, but you. Now I am suing you. I’ll meet you in court! ”

While the Turkish public is in shock and expresses dissatisfaction with the choice of Serenay. Many users of social networks directly point to the mercantile interests of the actress, who preferred the successful but old Cem Yilmaz to the young but not very successful Kerem Bursin. What binds together the two stars – great love or simple calculation – we will find out in the very near future.

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