What information did Netflix transmit to the Turkish government?

Yesterday, at the Berlin Film Festival, Netflix managers promised the producers to begin to provide more information about the statistics of their products on the platform in the near future. What kind of information will be provided is not yet known and these are only plans that will be implemented in the coming year.

The question is: where did the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, Mehmet Ersoy, take the statistics on the results of the broadcast of Atye / and the Rise of Empires: Ottoman, which he presented in a recent interview? Was this a decision by the platform’s management to provide this data to the Turkish government? In this case, this is an unprecedented decision. The platform publishes reports only to investors and only on the basis of the financial quarter, and also reveals some statistics summing up the results of the year. Recall that Netflix this week began to provide data on the Top 10 TV shows and films on the platform.

We will wait for clarification of the question about the source of the data of the respected minister and hope that Netflix confirms the information. We are also interested in the question which data Netflix passed to the Turkish government as part of the cooperation. Recall that the minister spoke about the results of Turkish TV shows in the world, and not just in Turkey.


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