New Turkish TV series spring 2020. Part 1

TV production in Turkey never stops. At the beginning of the year, the audience saw five new projects at once. Now they are waiting for an equally exciting new spring television season. Here are ten new shows that will start in the next two months. What awaits us?

Maids / Hizmetçiler. Channel D. Starring Deniz Baysal and Seçkin Ozdemir. The series is produced by Fabrika Yapım. This is a remake of the popular Mexican series, which also has an American remake titled Devious Maids. This is the story of four girls who work as servants in wealthy families. Their friend is killed and the maids begin their own investigation, revealing the dirty secrets of the owners of the mansions.

New Life / Yeni Hayat. Channel D. Starring Melisa Asli Pamuk and Serkan Çayoğlu. Produced by Karga Seven Pictures. The former commando after the accident is forced to resign and start a new life. He quickly finds application of his fighting skills in civilian life, becoming the bodyguard of a famous businessman. However, the work will force him to review the events that happened to him in the past and use the knowledge gained in military service.

Moon and Sun / Ay ve Güneş. Channel D. Starring Kadir Doğulu. Produced by ES Film. This is the official remake of the most popular Indian series What shall I name this love? / Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, which is written by the screenwriter of the first episodes of another hit Hercai Eda Tezcan. The project scenario will be significantly changed according to the Turkish mentality. Initially the shooting will take place in Cappadocia, and then the show will be transferred to Istanbul.

Teacher / Öğretmen. TV channel FOX. Starring Ilker Kaleli and Ceren Moray. Produced by Medyapim and MF Yapim. A remake of the popular Japanese show promises a new format: a limited number of episodes and a tough drama, that is based on hostage-taking and the teacher’s attempt to reach out to his students, finding the one responsible for the death of one of his students.

Dam / Baraj. TV channel FOX. Starring Biran Damla Yilmaz, Feyyaz Duman and Burak Yoruk. Produced by Medyapim. This is a remake of the popular Turkish film of past years, in which starred Türkan Şoray. It is curious that the executive producer of the series is the daughter of Mrs. Türkan Yağmur Unal. The plot is based on a classic love triangle and deception. An attempt to impersonate another person can end very sadly. Anyway in the movie. What will happen in the series and how will the new story end, the audience will soon find out.

Sin of the Mother / Bir Annenin Günahı. TV channel FOX. Starring Mehmet Aslantuğ and Ozge Ozberk. Produced by Limon Film. A remake of the Philippine drama, that tells the story of a man who ordered his own murder. A mother fulfilled an unusual request for the treatment of a sick child. As a result, the family of the victim received insurance, and the woman managed to save her son. However, many years later, this sin again confronted her when her son fell in love with the daughter of the man whom she killed.

If love calls / Gel Dese Aşk. TV channel ATV. Starring Erkan Petekkaya, Şebnem Bozoklu and İlayda Çevik. Produced by Sinegraf Film and the famous producer Osman Sinav, who is well known to many viewers on the TV series Wild Heart, Valley of the Wolves, Bitter Life and The Lifeline. A married couple who is trying to keep love, despite all the insults and disappointments is in the center of the plot.

Maria and Mustafa. TV channel ATV. Starring Jessica May. Produced by NTC Medya and Colombian filmmakers. The series will tell the love story of a Christian girl and a Muslim boy in Cappadocia.

Independence or death / Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm. TV channel TRT1. Starring Ilker Kizmaz, Birkan Sokullu, Serkan Keskin, Dolunay Sorsert. The mini-series is dedicated to the creation of the modern Turkish Republic. It is curious that initially the role of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was offered to Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, but the actor rejected the offer, citing other obligations.

Love 101. Netflix. Starring Kaan Urğancioglu, Pinar Deniz, Mert Yazicioğlu, Alina Boz and Kubilay Aka. Produced by Ay Yapim. A youth series about how students try to keep their beloved teacher by making her fall in love with a basketball coach, but in the process they find love. The show will try to win the hearts of not only Turkish, but also foreign audiences.

Series production in Turkey continues. Next season, we again expect big premieres and unexpected tandems. But now new players are entering on the market: digital platforms, which means that viewers around the world will watch the premieres of new shows with Turkish viewers. In the near future we will have many pleasant surprises, that you will learn about in the second part of our article.

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