Netflix remains in Turkey: the crisis is over!

Will the shooting of the Netflix series The Gift, Love 101, 50 m2 continue? Will Netflix continue to work in Turkey or will it leave the country? We finally got a definite answer from the company management!

After Netflix canceled the Ay Yapım TV show If we knew what we know / Şimdiki Aklım Olsaydı  on the day filming began, panic broke out in Turkey’s social networks.

In response to a wave of indignation on social networks, Deputy Chairman of the ruling AK Justice and Development Party, former Minister of Culture Mahir Unal posted a message saying that he does not understand why Netflix should leave Turkey. On the contrary, cooperation with the digital platform will be continued and expanded.

Netflix then issued a special statement. It expresses a deep commitment to filmmakers and the creative community in Turkey. Netflix is proud of the talented names the platform works with. They are very excited about the projects that are in production or are about to start and are looking forward to sharing these stories with subscribers around the world. Thus, the crisis has been overcome, the state bodies and the management of the platform have been able to agree, work on the series will continue.

The film crews of the series Love 101 and are getting ready to shoot this week, the shooting of the 50 m2 series is coming to an end, the shooting of the Club series will also begin in the very near future.

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