Is Serenay Sarikaya’s film being jeopardized?

Serenay Sarikaya

Serenay Sarikaya

Serenay Sarikaya went through a great shock. As it turned out, her vocal skills are not good enough to play in the film of her dreams. Moreover, the release of the film itself was in jeopardy. What happened?

Over the last five years Serenay Sarikaya’s career has not progressed well. Her latest hit – TV series Ebb and Tide / Medcezir – make the final in 2015 and since then she has remained on the pages of the Turkish press only because of her hectic personal life. A chance to regain her former popularity as an actress was introduced to her in a film about the famous singer Bergen, that was supposed to start shooting as early as June. But here, Serenay seems to have had a setback.

According to the Turkish media, the music teacher hired for Serenay Sarikaya, having listened to the star of the musical “Alice in Wonderland”, politely noticed that her voice was too “European” and hardly fit for a deep and strong arabesk-style performance the singer Bergen was famous for. Serenay was shocked and decided to redouble her efforts, trying to learn to sing.

Preparations for the film are continuing, but it is not known when filming will begin. Asked if the premier would be postponed, the renowned journalist Ranini reported that the situation was not yet clear and that something concrete would appear only in August. Asked if Serenay could star in the Netflix series Ranini with a smile replied “she can’t”.

While the situation remains uncertain, Serenay is in a mood for a walk to her hairdresser, where journalists are waiting for her. She didn’t answer their questions that she has already introduced her boyfriend, Cem Yilmaz, to her mother.

When will the work on the film about Bergen begin? Who will sing in the film if Serenay cannot do it herself? When will the movie be released? We will learn about all this in a few months.

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