Coronavirus: are filming of Turkish TV shows continuing?

Turkish stars are asking their fans to stay home and not risk their health. What happens to TV shows? Will the TV channels canceled them completely or will the shooting continue? We tried to figure out the current situation.

Turkey has not been spared by the coronavirus pandemic. So far, the country’s authorities have not taken tough measures to restrict the movement of the population, however, many celebrities have already called for not leaving home, thereby protecting themselves and their loved ones from an approaching outbreak of the disease, which is becoming inevitable. Celebrities massively publish selfies with the same hashtag “Stay home.” Tuba Büyüküstün   even broadcast live, asking doctors how to behave in an epidemic.

Of course, under these conditions, it becomes increasingly problematic to continue shooting series with 100 or more people at the same time. TV channels and production companies stop shooting one by one, and only the ATV channel continues to work on its series, proudly showing a thank-you note from the state censor RTUK. This public body, which is notorious for its ability to issue fines even for the wrong nickname of a dog, is quite comfortable with the fact that the health of actors and technical crew is endangered. And it is quite normal to say thank you “for your courage”.

However, the courage of the crew is hardly heroic, given that they have to continue under contract. Meanwhile, the first distressing call has already been made, which clearly shows that this cannot continue. The grandmother of the famous actress was hospitalized with suspected coronavirus. Pinar and all members of her family are now awaiting test results.

It seems that in the very near future the shooting of series will still have to be stopped. The situation is worsening every minute, many film crew members refuse to go to work and risk their lives. It is a matter of time before a state of emergency is declared in the country, as is already happening in Europe. We will follow the development of events. Stay with us and stay at home!