Netflix announces plan to help global television and film industry



Netflix has announced the creation of a special fund of $100 million that is designed to help the creative community deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

The funds are intended for artists who are engaged in the production of Netflix films and TV shows around the world. These are complementary measures in addition to the full financial support of film crews (salary, cost of downtime) during the cessation of film production. Netflix also plans to allocate additional funds to television suppliers, casts and film crews ($15 million) in countries that are priority for production.

The company also makes donations of $1 million to several funds to help actors and other industry workers in the United States. In other countries where Netflix has a large production base, but where there are no such funds, they themselves will create structures designed to help film industry workers or work with existing ones. Next week, the company will announce its “Marshall Plan” in every country. The company management announced that Netflix believes that what is happening is unprecedented, and they are pleased to be able to help the industry survive in this difficult period.

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