Will Netflix save Turkish TV shows?

content manager Ted Sarandos made several important statements about the current situation in an interview with CNN. The main points of the management strategy of the digital platform are:

  • The production of all Netflix series and films worldwide has been suspended. This is an unprecedented decision that was made for the first time in history. By the way, filming of the Turkish series 50 m2 has been stopped. All new shows that were supposed to start in the spring have been postponed indefinitely.
  • The platform has enough finished original content to avoid shortages until the end of the year. If the filming are not resumed before then, Netflix will lack the original production, but this is an unlikely scenario.
  • Filming stopped because of the virus, but post-production continues. Moreover, virtual rehearsals for cast members (video conferencing) are organized.
  • Mr. Sarandos admitted that interest in the platform has increased significantly, the number of views has increased, but he has not yet given specific figures. Given the increased demand for video content, Netflix temporarily limited the bandwidth of its servers and reduced the picture quality in order to prevent the collapse of the world’s Internet, which was not designed for such huge traffic.
  • Netflix also creates a fund to help the creative community in the amount of $100 million. The foundation will help industry workers involved in Netflix content production who are affected by the crisis.
  • Given the difficult situation of the film industry, many Hollywood companies are in talks with Netflix. Perhaps the films, which were originally supposed to be shown in movie theaters, will be released on the platform. The first sign is the film The Love Birds, which Paramount sold to Netflix.
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The last point is quite interesting for fans of Turkish films. Given the current situation, it is not difficult to assume that the films that were supposed to be released in theaters will eventually be released on Netflix. Among them, 9 times Leyla, Malazgirt 1071, The Land of Noah, The Holy Battle and others.

As for the Turkish series, Netflix still has Atiye / , which is supposed to be released in September and the fourth season of . The release date of the series has not yet been announced, however, given the current situation, most likely the release of the fourth season will be advanced. On April 24, the platform will release the youth series Love 101. Netflix also works with production companies in Turkey, discussing the possibility of purchasing their shows that can satisfy the needs of the audience of the platform.

Note that in general, the situation with the production of original content on Netflix looks much more stable and predictable than the release of series on free Turkish television, which is experiencing the most severe crisis in its history. In the next few months, the situation on the television market in Turkey (as well as around the world) will completely change. It is likely that the earlier trend of switching the production of series to digital platforms will become a reality. There is no other way.

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