Will Hazal Kaya star in a Bollywood movie?

is one of the most famous Turkish actresses in the world. Not surprisingly, after the success of her shows in India, the superstar has attracted not only Turkish but also foreign producers. But will the actress be in Bollywood?

The Turkish media report that after the great success of the series starring Hazal Kaya on paid digital platforms, Bollywood producers are interested in the actress. They want to take advantage of the popularity of the Turkish star.

Famous Bollywood producer Sajid Nadiadwala allegedly offered Hazal a role in his new project starring Tiger Schroff (son of the Bollywood legend Jackie Schroff). Tiger and Sajit worked together on the Baaghi trilogy, which became one of the most successful in the Indian box office.

However, we note that Hazal has a small child and it is unlikely she can go to India in the coming year, so she is unlikely to be able to accept the offer (if any). Moreover, Hazal is currently working on a film in which she will act not only as an actress, but also as one of the scriptwriters, so for now, information about her Bollywood career does not look too reliable.

As is known during the period of the lack of verified information, the Turkish media have become increasingly imaginative and are giving fake news one by one. Looks like this is one of them.

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