New love of Burak Deniz?

New love of Burak Deniz?

New love of ?

Burak Deniz and his personal life continue to excite fans not only in Turkey, but also abroad. So whom does the famous Turkish actor date and what are his future plans!

After the success of the series Our Story / Bizim Hikaye, Burak Deniz from a budding actor turned into a real star, whom the paparazzi are hunting for. Recall that the Turkish press reported that on the set of the project Burak had a romantic relationship with one of the coordinators of the series and a close friend of his co-star Hazal Kaya, Deniz Dede. However, after the series was finished, the couple seemed to break up.

According to the tabloid Takvim, the loneliness of Burak Deniz is over. The actor began dating Beste Kökdemir. On the eve the paparazzi photographed a couple in the grocery store in Kuruçeşme. True, Burak and Beste, seeing the journalists, chose to move away from each other. Burak did not answer questions of the paparazzi about the relationship. Recall that the actors have known each other since the time of the series Cute Little Liars, in which they starred together, but then Burak dated another co-star on the series Büşra Develi.

Whether the information of the Turkish media is true or Burak just in a friendly way helped Beste with purchases in this difficult period, we will find out very soon. We remind you that now the actor is preparing for the role in the new series, the details of which have not yet been disclosed. We hope that everything will be fine with him both personally and professionally.

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