Burak and Büşra – there will be no second chance

Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz

and Burak Deniz

On Saturday, August 25 the shooting of the second season of the series Our Story began. On the eve the team of the series, in particular, the leading characters of the project and Burak Deniz, as well as the assistant directors had dinner together at the shopping center Zorlu. This is not unusual – the actors managed to make friends during the filming of the first season and return to work as friends.

Of course, journalists were primarily interested in the question whether Burak reconciled with his beloved Büsra Develi. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint our audience – the actor denied the information on reconciliation, saying that they could not find a common ground. In the photo, which was in the press a couple of days ago there were other people.

At the same time, the information on the Internet was leaked unexpectedly enough that a couple of days ago Burak even fought in a shopping center with some Arab fan who wanted to take a picture of him with a certain blonde. Who is this girl and what relation does she has with the actor nobody knows so far.

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