Alina Boz is getting married to a well-known playboy!

Alina Boz

Alina Boz

Great news for Alina Boz’s fans! It seems that the young actress has managed to capture the heart of one of Turkey’s well-known playboys, who is ready to leave his bachelor life for the sake of love.

Alina Boz, who recently broke up with Mithat Can Ozer, quickly found her true love. Just three months ago, the actress met the well-known restaurateur and director Umut Evirgen. The couple didn’t hide their relationship, which came as a surprise to the Turkish paparazzi.

The Turkish press reports that the 25-year-old actress intends to start a family and become a mother. Umut Evirgen decided to marry Alina as soon as they started dating, he fell in love with her unconditionally, and proposed to her last month while the couple was vacationing in Paris. She accepted his proposal.

Umut’s family officially asked for Alina’s hand in marriage from her relatives. The wedding will take place in one of the mansions on the shores of the Bosphorus on November 15. Rumor has it that Umut is tired of his “playboy” nickname and wants to become a respected family man.

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