Özge Yağız: ‘Love is a refuge’

Özge Yağız

Özge Yağız

Turkish actress Özge Yağız, currently starring in the series “Safir,” continues to captivate viewers with her acting and personal life.

The series “Safir” airs on Wednesdays on ATV channel. In the series, Özge Yağız plays the lead role alongside Burak Berkay Akgül and İlhan Şen. The ratings of the series, filmed in Cappadocia, where the shootings take place, remain stable, pleasing the fans of Özge Yağız.

In an interview on one of the television programs, the actress mentioned feeling excellent in Cappadocia, despite spending most of her time on the set. “We dedicate one or two days to enjoy good things for ourselves and for the soul,” says Özge Yağız. “Because one of the most motivating moments is exploring the place and trying something new.”

The actress also shared that she is in an exciting period of her life. When asked what love means to her, she replied: “It’s a refuge where you can breathe in any area of life. Love is a force that can make you stronger and happier.” Özge Yağız admitted that she is romantic and very emotional, and she loves these qualities in herself.

The actress noted that she doesn’t miss Istanbul and would only like to return there to see her family, since she feels more free and happy in Cappadocia.

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