Çağatay Ulusoy became a recluse

Çağatay Ulusoy, who is preparing his return with the first Turkish series of Netflix , found an occupation for himself. While all the other stars show themselves at the famous resorts of Turkey like Bodrum and Cesme, Çağatay decided to avoid the Turkish paparazzi and to live in Istanbul. Every Monday morning he spends on a rented boat in the Sarıyer area (Istanbul), where he does his favorite thing – fishing.

This is not the first “invasion” of an actor of this kind. Throughout May he successfully fished in the same area. However, recently Çağatay completely abandoned the nightlife and does not appear in clubs, where he was used to be before. In particular – in the club La Boom that belongs to his friend Umut Evirgen.

Another “thing” of Çağatay is his personal life. He categorically does not want to “glow” with his beloved in the pages of the tabloids of Turkey. It seems that the actor completely “closed” from the outside world and expects the decision of the Court of Appeal in his case far from the insolent and intrusive Turkish press.

In addition, we have exclusive information that the actor has already begun to prepare for the role in the new series. And that’s why it does not appear in nightclubs yet. How long will the preparation take and when the series will be released is still unknown.

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