The series Trial / Yargı has come to a dangerous milestone

Trial / Yargı

Trial / Yargı

The series Trial / Yargı has excellent ratings, but the fate of the project is starting to worry fans. It has reached a dangerous point that will determine the fate of the TV show.

The series Trial / Yargı attracts the attention of the Turkish viewer with its unexpected plot and wonderful acting. Last Sunday, the main secret was revealed: the heroes finally found out the name of the killer. As screenwriter Sema Ergenekon confessed, she wrote this scene even before she started working on the first episode.

The audience is wondering – what next? After all, as you know, Turkish scriptwriters write the first episodes of the project, and then supply new episodes on a weekly basis. As a result, quality often suffers. Whether the project has come to the point when a finished script has ended, and now it will be written in Turkish style, that is, one episode a week, whether the scriptwriter will be able to keep the audience’s interest – this is the main intrigue of the series right now.

Turkish press reminds its readers that a year ago, Çağatay Ulusoy refused to star in the series, setting a condition that the project should have only one season. However, Ay Yapim was determined to continue the story for at least two seasons, so no agreement was reached. Recall that for Çağatay, the requirement of one season has already become standard and does not cause much surprise. Journalists are wondering whether it is right to squeeze every last drop out of successful work. Maybe the second season of a wonderful story will be pull out of thin air, as is often the case.

Simply put, maybe Çağatay is right, and the producers don’t have to drag on the show endlessly? As always, the Turkish ratings will decide everything.

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